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Adaptive Leadership

(2 to 5 days)

Leadership is risky business. It often requires surfacing tough issues that people would rather avoid and challenging people to change for the possibility of improvement. This highly interactive course is designed to develop practical skills for diagnosing challenges, exercising effective leadership even in risky situations, and avoiding unnecessary penalties for relevant effort. In this course, participants analyze:

  • The risks of leadership

  • How to respond to these dangers

  • How to stay close to one’s personal direction when the going gets tough

This is done by examining materials from psychology, philosophy, business management, and, most importantly, adaptive leadership. Significant emphasis is placed on examining:

  • Participants’ actual leadership challenges – to analyse areas of strength and potential blind spots

  • Personal ambitions and drive – to identify strengths and areas of vulnerability

  • The interpersonal dynamics in the class – to illuminate tendencies participants’ have that influence their ability to exercise effective leadership in other environments

Founded by Rudi’s mentor, Dr. Ronald Heifetz at Harvard University, this material has repeatedly won the alumni award for  ‘Most Valuable Course’ at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government.



  • Enhanced communication, teamwork and problem solving skills

  • Improved relationships with employees

  • Greater self & leadership awareness

  • Decreased time & effort spent solving people problems

  • Higher energy levels

  • Increased ability to learn from a rapidly changing environment