Make it stand out.

Whatever it is, the way you tell your story online can make all the difference.

Is it time to:

Is it time to:

  • free yourself from spinning in the hamster wheel?

  • step up and demonstrate that you have what it takes to lead yourself and your team?

  • pluck the courage to tackle the changes you want to have in your life?

  • accept that you are ready to work towards your potential?

  • turn your attention towards building your legacy?

You're in the right place.


Leadership Coaching can help you to:

  • accelerate changes that you've been dreaming about

  • get an unbiased, external perspective on yourself and your situation

  • make difficult or important decisions

  • create the space for strategic thinking and reflection (ie working on your career or business and not just in it)

  • have a softer landing for that big change you want to make.

Even if you...

...think you're too busy (The reflective coaching space can be just the thing you need to give yourself strategic thinking time and make proactive decisions that will help you become more effective and productive overall).

...are worried coaching will be 'woo-woo' (As a former Software engineer and Operational Excellence management consultant, I can assure you that my entire coaching approach is grounded in research).

...are doubting your ability to make a change or that coaching would really be of any real help (its helpful if you’re open to it however I’ve worked with a number of people who arrived at coaching with some level of doubt and ended up being surprised how quickly they saw results.  I’ll let you know if I’m unable to help you in our Discovery Call).


What is Vertical Development?

Traditionally it’s been thought that adults only grow by essentially learning more content.  If you take the analogy of your mind being a cup, it would be like pouring more information, more skills, more experience into the cup.  

But we now know that this traditional learning - also known as Horizontal Growth - is only one aspect of your potential to grow over your lifetime.  

You may already have a sense of this intuitively if you've ever had an experience where just because you knew what to do didn’t mean you were actually able to do it.  

For example, maybe you’ve been in a situation where you knew your plate was already too full and you should just say "no" to your colleague’s request for help on yet another project...but you just couldn’t bring yourself to say it.

Or maybe you desperately want to maintain a calm, collected demeanor at work but every time you have to attend one of those frustration-inducing, death-by-committee meetings you just can’t help but lash out. 

Either way, you've discovered that the person you’d like to be in those moments is just not accessible.

In both of the examples I just mentioned, the issue is not a matter of not knowing what to do, there's simply a lack of capacity to execute on what you know.  This is where Vertical Development is needed. 

If we return to the analogy of the cup, Vertical Development is a process akin to expanding the size of your mental cup so you have more choices available to you in every moment.  It’s a metamorphosis that fundamentally shifts how you see the world, how you operate in it, and how deftly you can engage with any challenges that arise. 

If you want to be different (more strategic, more calm, more confident, etc) Vertical Development is essential.